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The Ceiling Fan
The Ceiling Fan
A loud sneeze came from the room of Yoko, as the sound of an annoyed groan followed. Mayeko, in her cat form, and Freya stood over the girl with a worried look on their faces.
"What was that?" Rue asked, as he walked into the room to see the two hanging over the girl.
"Yoko's sick" Mayeko announced, as she turned to the boy.
"Last night she had ran to the batheroom and threw up" Freya informed.
"That was unwanted Freya" Rue announced, as he apporched the bed with a sick look on his face.
"Well she's trying to help esses the situation" Yoko declared muffled by the kleenex she had over her nose, "Where's mom?"
"In her batheroom listening to some really loud music" Rue answered, "So she probably didn't hear you."
"Ah, she's getting ready for work how perfect" Yoko sighed, as she reached for her glasses.
"Oh come on it isn't that bad, Rue's taking me to his job" Freya announced, as she put one hand on Yoko's back, "And mom and Sojo are going with Rin to her work then they a
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Friendly like Fish
Friendly Like Fish
A day had past and now it was Monday the beginning of another boring week of school. All was quiet except for the sound of each student one by one reading from the text book in a halting fashion as if they were all robots. Yoko, Cameron, and Matt sat in the class with a bored lifeless stare into space.
Yoko's eyes where fixed on the back of the head of a girl named Lindsey who was reading with more feeling to it which woke the three up slightly. Cameron laid back in his chair his eyes heavy with exhaustion and annoyance as the student in front of him who had tapped their fingers on the desk receptively. Matt on the other hand was asleep with drool slowly coming out of his mouth.
Then as a new reader started their long speech a loud snore came from Matt as he itched his nose.
"Mathieus!" Ms. Morris yelled, as her attention switch to the boy. In that instant Matt's eyes opened and hopped out of his seat a little bit startled.
"Y-Yes?" He asked, as he started to regain
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Thank Fod for Reletives
Thank God For Relitives
After a night at the hospital and vists from the Yorks family and the Williams family Yoko was sent home in the morning of Saturday. She was now in her room working on her blog and eating some Trix Cereal while listening to some Techno and Rock mixed music when suddenly two windows popped up. It was Cameron amd Matt on their Webcams.
"Good morning Yoko!" Matt and Cameron greeted.
"Oh hey guys" Yoko greeted with a cheerful smile on her face.
"How do ya feel?" Cameron asked.
"Oh I feel fine I think sleeping helped calm me down" Yoko answered.
"How's you face?" Matt asked.
"Oh it's okay Rue did hit me pretty hard but he hurts even worse" Yoko declared, as a devilish smile came across her face. Then suddenly the doorbell rang through the house like some kind weird fire alarm in Yoko's head. She stood up and ran out of her bed room door only to see her grandmother, uncle, and her younger aunt standing in the doorway being greeted by her mother and her older brother.
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Kaiden Montgomery
Kaiden Mary Montgomery
  Age: 15          Weight: Untold          Height: 5'8''        Hair: Black          Eyes: Brown
                       Hometown: Tualatin, OR        Birthplace: Lodi, CA
       Family: Matt Montgomery, Shelly Montgomery, Alex Fredrick Montgomery
                    Friend(s): Sarafina “Fina” Coder, Axis and Milo Hewlett
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The Sunsets over Tualatin
The Sunsets over Tualatin
It was the beginning of fifth period choir and for Kaiden this meant solo try outs that she didn't want any part of. She was just sitting in her seat listening to her MP3 player while doodling on a piece of paper. This was the second day in a row for solo try outs and she didn't mind it, this was the only class where she got a little bit of freedom.
As her pencil tapped with the beat of the music her head bobbed slightly with it, her mind now wondering away from the room and what was around her. Then with out warning she saw a shadow cast above her. She looked up instantly to see her childhood friend Sarafina Coder staring down at her, but most people just called her Fina.
Kaiden pulled out her earphones and greeted with a small smile, “Hi.”
“I see your not going to try out” Fina declared, as she took the seat next to her.
“Why, did you?” Kaiden asked, as she put her MP3 back in her bag.
“Oh come on are you kidding I have hor
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Welcome to Dead land
Welcome To Dead land
Jessee Gaines
Awkward Moments
As the sun rested over the town of Tualatin, Kaiden Montgomery sat in her bathroom waiting for the herd of women to leave into the kitchen. These women where apart of her mother's book club and today was one of their meetings. Kaiden had always hated these women ever since she was five and they where invited to her birthday party.
Yes, the bathroom on the first floor was an awkward place for her to hide, but if she where to hide in her room or in Alex's room, her older brother, it would be too obvious. This had been the second day in a row that she had to spend it listening to the muffled laughs and gabbing about their book, which Kaiden thought was retarded anyway.
“Kaiden” A voice whispered behind the door, as the knob turned. Instantly Kaiden jumped up from her seat and took hold of it.
“Who is it?” She asked, as she gently put her ear against the door and pushed her glasses up the bridge of her nose.
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Lime Wedges
Time Warpers, Deviants, Clairvoyants, and Reapers
It was a dark, cold, and rainy day, Yoko was reading a book pushing back her glasses when they would inch down her nose. Her snow white hair frequently having to go behind her ear some times with a grunt or no noise at all. This was the start of every school day for Yoko after leaving her home and going on her crowded and noisy bus.
She was in home room where the kids threw paper, the valley girls would talk about their hair plus other things, the loners, emos, scenes, and goth kids would listen to music and talk about how bad their lives where. The nerds would talk about some weird card game and video games. The jocks would talk about football and sports. Then there was Yoko, Cameron, and Matt who have been friends since first grade and talked about everything except their hair.
The teacher, Mrs. Smith, was always late yet when she came her voice would boom through the room like a giant monstrous bird on menopause. Her blond hair nicel
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The Society Chapter 4
Blue Monday
It was Monday the start of a new month and a new beginning, to The Brotherhood it felt like a weight had been lifted and all the negativity had gone away. Lorna was walking down the street on her way towards The Brotherhood's house. She had her head phones on with the steady beat of her heart going with it like a back up drum.
She had thought about all that happened in that October, the stress and anger at one another just seemed to have disappeared. Then as she looked up she had felt the warm presence of Razz behind her. She turned instantly only to be in The Brotherhood house.
“Welcome leader!” A voice greeted from above her. Lorna looked up to see Crisspin and Molly with happy looks on their faces.
“Wait, why did you call me leader?” She asked.
“Because I'm apart of the team, right?” He asked with a surprised look on his face.
Then a small smile came across her face as she answered, “We'll see.”
Those words made a smile come across
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I shouldn't be on here doing a journal after my journal on April 1, but I just wnt those to know I'm on gaia!
I'm Junko411 (June-Ko)
I also have a journal that you can read!
Yes, I will probably post some of my stories on there, but keep in mind I'll be off exploring Gaia not just writing stories!
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